Sunday, June 21, 2009

Wolves On The Prowl For A Top 3 Pick

The David Kahn era has started with plenty of buzz. First off the Kevin McHale firing that was broken to the public by Kevin Love on Twitter. Then the Boston Globe mentioned a rumor of a trade between Minnesota and the Phoenix Suns; Al Jefferson and the 6th pick in Thursday’s draft for Amare Stoudemire, this report was quickly put to rest. Now the most recent activity revolves around the Wolves acquiring the Wizard’s 5th pick for a package of expiring contracts possibly including Mike Miller and one or both of the T-Wolves late round selections. Then Minnesota would package Washington’s 5th and their 6th pick for either Memphis’ 2nd pick or Oklahoma City’s 3rd pick for the chance to get either PG Ricky Rubio (Spain) or C Hasheem Thabeet (Connecticut). Kahn’s activity must be very refreshing for Wolves’ fans, now they can only hope he isn’t only chatter.

Minnesota needs a big man to allow Jefferson to move to his more natural power forward position. Hasheem Thabeet could be a great game changer on the defensive end by blocking and altering shots with his 7’3 body. Last season was derailed for the Wolves when Al Jefferson landed awkwardly and completely tearing his ACL after challenging a Sean Marks lay-up. Let’s say Minnesota had a defensive anchor in the middle ala Thabeet instead of the center piece of their current team. This scenario allows Jefferson to only have to carry the team on the offensive end and let a true center protect the rim. Even though Minnesota didn’t have much of a season to salvage no fans should have to watch their team’s progress get flushed to shit because their best player challenged a Sean “I’m surprised I’m still in the league too” Marks.

Spaniard Ricky Rubio is a player that could turn the recent bad fortune of the Wolves around. The point guard has been playing professionally since he was 15 and the youngest player to start in an Olympic Gold Medal game this past summer. Known for his flashy passes and ball control, Rubio brings something to the table that Minnesota doesn’t have… a point guard. Coming into his rookie season Ricky would be heads and tails above Sebastian Telfair and|

Randy Foye, an NBA “point guard” that can’t go left, made it through high school, college, and multiple seasons in the NBA without developing that crucial skill. Maybe it has to do with Foye’s strange condition where his organs are inverted compared to the average person’s organs. I wonder how many times in elementary school he was able to be a smart ass during the national anthem, “Randy put your hand over your heart”

“But I am!” he snickers as he turns right and takes the long way around the rest of the classroom’s desks to confront his teacher, because even then he couldn’t go left.

with his size and offensive ability. Rubio would just run wild with the Wolves.

Perhaps David Kahn won’t be able to pull off the series of deals to put the Wolves in position to take Rubio or Thabeet. This would be unfortunate for Timberwolves’ fans to miss out on those 2nd tier players|

Tier 1-Blake Griffin

Tier 2-Ricky Rubio & Hasheem Thabeet

Tier3-All other lottery projected players

In the situation where the wolves stay at 6 this is my draft board for them:

1. Stephen Curry-A guard that could stretch the floor for the Wolves. Think if Minnesota follows Orlando’s blueprint and puts a bunch of shooters around Jefferson. Big Al is light years ahead of Dwight Howard’s offensive game of turn to the middle of the lane and throw a line drive hook-shot. Curry gives Minnesota a reliable shooter for Jefferson to pass to out of double teams.

2. Tyreke Evans-A SG with a high ceiling that could control the backcourt for the Wolves. Evans has average height at the 2, but he has a sick 6’11.25 wingspan (same as Blake Griffin), an overhead reach comparable Small and Power Forwards, and ranked 12th in the draft class’ sprint with a time of 3.17 seconds. Evans physical gifts would be a great asset for Minnesota.

3. Jonny Flynn-One of the purest PGs in the draft. Led Syracuse in last season’s thrilling Big East tournament. Along with the leadership Flynn is a superb athlete; 40in max vertical (highest in the class) and decent speed. Flynn would probably come into Minnesota as the expected starter at PG, ending the Foye PG experiment once and for all if there was still any question about that.

As a Dutchman I’m stereotypically cheap, but I won’t be stingy with my sports’ opinions.

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