Thursday, June 25, 2009

ESPN's Draft Preview:Full Summary

Wednesday’s preview was a bigger production than Monday’s and Tuesday’s shows, but there was little to no new info brought to the table. ESPN just combined the two shows, summarized it, and polished it. Experts keep stating the draft is weak, but there are some gems in there. So the nice draft preview just cleaned up a piece of shit, but inside that piece of shit there may be a nice shiny quarter. Here is the summary of the polished draft preview summary, let’s see who is worth 25 cents.

Have you read anywhere that this draft is weak? No? Well I’m told it is. There are too many unsure commodities. The draft is deep, but in a way where there are plenty of role players and bench warmers. With so many players and only a few standing out beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Teams are jockeying for position trying to get that player that’s caught their attention. While some teams are seeing beauty where others don’t the Washington Wizards put a paper bag over this draft’s head by trading out of it. Receiving the Wizards’ pick is the Minnesota Timberwolves; I guess you could say that the Timberwolves are chubby chasers by obtaining four 1st rounds in this ugly draft.

The difference in philosophies with the Wizards and the Timberwolves show there are many ways to build a team. Washington is playing for “the now” by trading for Randy Foye and Mike Miller. In contrast Minnesota is playing for “down the road” hoping that the pick they received will turn out to be a part of Timberwolves’ success for years to come. Now there isn’t a right or wrong in either situation; Washington could easily not win a championship with the additions of Foye and Miller and maybe Minnesota will botch the pick like their history says they might. Point is, you have to have a plan leaning toward one or the other.

Obtaining the #5 pick in the draft might only be the tip of the iceberg for Minnesota deals. David Kahn is said to be interested in Memphis’ #2 pick. Easier said than done, Memphis is pegged as wanting either both the 5th and the 6th pick or 5/6 and Kevin Love. Minnesota reportedly countered with 5/6 and Craig Smith which I assume Memphis laughed a little at;

Which reminds me of the BS Report I listened to today with Chad Ford. Ford convinced Bill Simmons (and me) that after taking so much of a beating for trading Pau Gasol, Chris Wallace might be hesitant to even make a deal unless he is the hands down winner like getting the 5th and 6th pick for the 2nd.

· Top prospects

o Blake Girffin

o Hasheem Thabeet

o Tyreke Evans

o James Harden

o Ricky Rubio

o Jordan Hill

o Stephen Curry

o Jonny Flynn

o Jrue Holliday

o Dermar Derozen

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